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'Ain't Nothing To Do In This Boring Ass City' - Someone Save Charles Barkley And Get Him The Hell Out Of Salt Lake City

Someone go help out Chuck man. I still can't believe they put the All-Star Game in Utah. No one in the NBA wants to go to Utah. Shit, you had Michael Malone flat out saying it. Yes, a coach, saying he'd prefer not to go to Salt Lake City. There just ain't shit to do and this is their break. 

That said, this is a ringing endorsement for the fine people of SLC. At least they are going to heaven according to Chuck. I have no idea if that's something they are looking for or not, but they got that going for them, which is nice. He even says it's a nice city! Feels like a win. He didn't call it a dump. He didn't say it was trash. Just a boring ass city, which is true. 

Think of all the places the All-Star Game can go to. You can put these guys in Miami, LA, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, whatever, any option is better than Utah. I do need to know what Shaq's go-to room service order is. I could see the giant man eating some sloppy ass food in his bed like a big ass kid. Just treating a hotel room like a mix of Kevin McAllister and Richie Rich. Somewhat jealous of that if we're being honest. 

Just get us to the 4th quarter when we see everyone start caring and then get Charles Barkley the hell out of here. Even Ernie Johnson is bored in Utah.