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Standard: Charles Barkley And Shaq Were Threatening To Whoop Each Other's Ass During The NBA All-Star Game Draft

This was the moment of the dumbass All-Star Game draft. Don't get me wrong, the draft could have been a good idea. If Adam Silver wasn't a candyass who thought having someone get picked last would hurt their feelings. Grow up. It's basketball. Someone is picked last quite literally every game. We don't need to send the reserves out there first and pretend that Jaren Jackson Jr., isn't the last pick of the NBA All-Star Game Draft. Big fucking deal.

Anyways, I had to rant there for a second. Back to Shaq and Chuck. This is why Inside the NBA on TNT could never go away. I have no idea what the hell was happening with the audio during this. You had Ernie Johnson trying to conduct the draft. You had Giannis/LeBron doing their picks. But chiming in was Shaq, Kenny and Chuck. 

Obviously they aren't serious. They threaten to beat the shit out of each other every week, like the way an older brother does to a younger brother. But the younger brother is way bigger than the old brother. Now, I still take the older brother in any fight, just the way society works. But Shaq is a ginormous human being. 


This would actually check out though: 

You know, if it wasn't Salt Lake City. No one wants to be there. Either way, just let Chuck and Shaq rumble one time with Ernie Johnson trying to be the ref. We deserve it.