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Astros Shortstop Jeremy Peña Showed Up To Spring Training Jacked Out Of His Mind

Everyone says they come into Spring Training in the "best shape of their life" and they can't stop talking about how good of shape they're in. Jeremy Peña actually is in the best shape of his life because he is absolutely yoked. This isn't an NFL defensive end, this is a second year MLB shortstop. He is huge. Like massive. 

MLB Reference has Peña listed at 6 foot and 202 pounds, his arms alone look like they are at least 150. I mean he is jacked. You rarely see MLB guys look like David Boston, who was an absolute monster on the gridiron back in the day.

The Sporting News. Getty Images.

Peña is putting the whole league on notice. Last we saw Jeremy, he was busy winning the ALCS MVP and World Series MVP….as a rookie. Now he's here to show us that he's the real deal and has the arms to prove it. I fully expect a drug test for him by the time this blog comes out, MLB is going to be on his every move. I just can't get over a shortstop having pipes like this. Looks like Peña spent all the time in the world in the gym working those triceps this off-season, 50 homer season incoming.