Early Reports From Spring Training ... Kodai Senga's Ghost Pitch Is Unhittable

This is a nice little Sunday clip to watch as a Mets fan. Normally, we are used to hearing about tightness in guys hips or legs, or back, or all 3. Or we are still wondering if our lineup is any good, or who we can rely on as a starter. It's different now. Ever since big swinging dick with the big fat wallet Steve Cohen showed up, there's a different vibe in the air. It feels like things are going our way (aside from the playoffs last year). That proved to be true again, today at least, when the first glimpses of Japanese sensation Kodai Senga in the orange and blue were delightful. 

Pete Alonso marveled at the infamous "Ghost Pitch". 

Senga basically said his pitch is being labeled as a forkball, but he considers it a splitter. 

I don't really give a shit what they call it , as long as he gets people out. The long and short of it is this.This is one shortened appearance on one day of spring training, so freaking out and overreacting is a very dumb thing to do, but with 2 months until real life baseball , all we can do is overreact. In a year where we lost deGrom and wondered how things could ever get better, in strolls CY Young winner Justin Verlander, and Ghost Pitch Specialist Kodai Senga to sandwich between Max Scherzer and solve all our problems. There were years where never could have imagined being in the running for a guy like Senga, but like I said things are different with Cohen, and it's good to be adding assets instead of just losing them for nothing. 

Pete Alonso sums it up the best … I'm happy he's on our side.