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You Gotta Hear About The Time The Gin Blossoms Had A Real UFO Encounter

Yah, the Gin Blossoms. Remember them?

Well they're playing one of the coolest fucking music festivals I've ever heard of, HOOTIE FEST, next month down in Riviera Cancun, Mexico and I am dying to go. 

Look at this lineup.

So we had their lead singer, Robin Wilson, on our show, Barstool Backstage, to shoot the shit about just about everything... including Aliens. (Have to ask about aliens. Everybody knows that.)

Robin couldn't have been cooler. He told us the secret to keeping a band together for 30 years, early days on the road when they were the hottest thing going, and getting in a song writing groove where you're basically unconscious, pumping out hit after hit after hit.

I mean look at this track list-

Robin also gave some shine to his son and his band and talked about watching his journey from a supportive, but not over-supportive dad role. Really cool stuff. 

And of course, the story about the time they were on the road and saw a UFO up close with their own eyes.

You'll have to tune into the episode to hear about that one though.

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h/t - Nate for encouraging me to ask Robin about the aliens. I see you Nate Dogg