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New Conspiracy Theory: Mick Cronin Suggests The NCAA Tournament Is Out To Get UCLA Because They Are Leaving For The Big 10

Hell yes. I love a good conspiracy theory and this is exactly what I needed. Mick Cronin, who has never been wrong in his entire life (probably, according to him), thinks it's comical that UCLA is a 2 seed. More importantly he thinks it's comical that UCLA is currently the 2 seed in the East because Arizona is getting a better 2 seed and staying in the West. 

Who needs facts in times like this? Do you think Mick gives a shit that Arizona has better wins than UCLA? No. Do you think Mick gives a shit that Arizona has already beat UCLA? Well, that I actually do think. But still not when he's looking at the grand scheme of things here. Remember this is what he's bitching about: 

Two things can be true here. UCLA can be one of the 5 best teams in the country. But they also can have the 8th best resume. That's how you seed the NCAA Tournament. You don't guess who the best teams are and put them that way. You seed them based on resume. That's why UCLA is at 8. They were 4-4 in Quad 1 games going into Saturday. Their best wins are at Maryland and neutral vs UK. Not exactly wowing people there. 

But this is Mick at his best. Throwing out the fact that UCLA is leaving for the Big 10 as a reason why. Clearly why Texas is the top-2 seed. SEC biased again! I mean, I love NCAA Tournament conspiracies. They are my favorite thing in sports. Thinking these dummies who try to put together a bracket know that they are putting a former assistant coach against their mentor in the first round. Come on. That's never done on purpose. But I'm here for all the conspiracy theories. 

Mick needs to lean all the way into this. Just blame leaving for the Big 10 for any mistake. Any bad call? Blame that. I know he has it in him.