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Logan Paul Was Born To Be A WWE Superstar

I don't know Logan Paul. He might be a nice guy, might be a dick. 

But I've been watching men pretend to fight in their underwear since 1986 and I know this: Logan Paul was born to be a WWE star.

He showed up tonight at WWE's Elimination Chamber event in Montreal to screw over fellow dickhead Seth Rollins. In doing so, Paul launched himself into the ring via the buckshot lariat, a finishing move made popular by wrestlers such as former AEW champ Hangman Adam Page.

I'm too old to be a fan of Vine Logan Paul and YouTube Logan Paul. But every single time he enters my wrestling word, he's fuckin' awesome. Just a delightfully scummy piece of shit that you want to see get beaten up by other men in their underwear.

Tonight's intrusion comes one month after Logan did this at the Royal Rumble.

This of course sets up Logan to be in a big spot at Wrestlemania in Los Angeles in April, where he'll presumably fight Rollins in a match that could steal the show. 

But Brandon, "it's just fake Rasslin". Shut up, this shit is awesome. Also when I was a kid we didn't have neighbors and I mostly spent my days playing with dogs and mosquitoes. My dad also did drugs and I couldn't afford socks. But I got to watch a lot of wrestling and I loved it. Anyway, Logan Paul, he's quite good.

I once had a show here at Barstool where I could discuss this but I don't have it anygoddamnmore.

But if I did, I'd go on and on about how awesome Logan Paul fits in WWE.