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The NBA All Star Celebrity Game Was Actually Somewhat Entertaining Last Night

(watch this video trust me)

CBS - NBA All-Star Weekend is officially off and running with the league's annual Celebrity All-Star Game being the opening event on Friday night in Salt Lake City. And, in the end, it wound up being a close game that provided a number of highlights...mainly from Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf. 

Metcalf, who finished the game with 20 points and 10 rebounds, earned MVP honors after leading Team Dwyane to an 81-78 victory over Team Ryan. As one would expect, Metcalf showed off all of the athleticism that has made him one of the most successful wide receivers in the NFL since entering the league out of the University of Mississippi. While it wasn't always pretty at times, Metcalf wowed fans with a number of finishes above the rim along with some highlight-worthy blocks, which isn't something we have seen in many celebrity games over the years. 

I didn’t watch this game last night but I caught the highlights late when I got home from work. I immediately pulled up twitter to find that DK Metcalf video to rewatch it a dozen times.

What a fucking freak show.

To say that guy is a specimen is the understatement of the century. 

NBA twitter was blowing up after a few of those dunks and blocks saying “he’s legit better than Ben Simmons”, and “could start for the Bulls”.

I think he’s one of those guys with so much God given talent, coupled with 99th percentile genetics, and a crazy work ethic that he could play whichever sport he wanted if he really felt like it. 

Here were the team rosters. 

Janelle Monae looked fine as hell, as always.

That scumbag Alex Bregman was a coach for some reason -

Ben Affleck was a man of the people

Hassan Minaj played, and gave an impassioned pre-game (or) half time speech, trying to get his man in the box score.

Richard Jefferson was guest reffing, and caught Giannis on a hot mic roasting Marc Davis which was great.

Albert Pujols was out there 

Aside from DK Metcalf putting on a show, The Miz nearly pulled off a heart stopper half court heave to tie the game and force overtime. But he was late getting the shot off.

He even called it during warmups.

What a showman.

And Giannis caught the coaching bug.

Altogether not too shabby. Pretty entertaining with something for everybody. Pair this with the newly revamped, actual All Star game and I’m a fan. And if we’re measuring penises here, much much much better than the All Star products the NFL and MLB have trotted out the last 10 years. 

Somehow the NBA managed to scoop up all the big brained sports marketing and innovators out there. They continue to dunk on the other big sports in terms of branding and marketing. And they’re not doing it by reinventing wheel. It’s pretty common sense. They actually allow fans to carry a lot of the load for them by sharing the product and allowing us to reshare it all over YouTube and social media. They not only allow, but encourage their individual stars to build their own brands, which they in turn help push. And they’re crushing it with the younger generations by letting the sport become a free-for-all scoring fest every night. Not exactly my cup of tea but you either adapt to the times or watch yourself get left in the dust.

The dunk contest still sucks, but maybe letting celebs and other athletes, like Metcalf, perform in it is the answer? 

If there’s a sport willing to take the chance and try it, it’s definitely the NBA.