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Sunday Night Sample - The Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance

ORIGINAL - Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance

The original “One More Chance” appeared on Biggie’s 1994 debut album Ready To Die. It features a different beat and almost entirely different lyrics than the famous remix.

"One More Chance" solidified B.I.G's appeal to his women listeners more than either of the two previously released singles from Ready to Die. "One More Chance" samples the Jackson Five's "I Want You Back." 

SAMPLE - Jackson 5 - I Want You Back

The album version and the single version are almost completely different from each other in sound and content, at least with respect to profanity.

Released in the spring of '95, the 'One More Chance' remixes represented the apex of Biggie-mania in New York City. While Bad Boy's previous strategy with singles featured one side for the radio and one for the streets, 'One More Chance' covered all bases by including two somewhat different instrumentals to accompany Big's vocal track of entirely new (and somewhat sanitized) Ivrics"

2nd Version/Remix 

In order to fully appreciate the impact and significance of the single version of "One More Chance,' the music video must be taken into account. The video for the remix of 'One More Chance' was a star-studded, “damn I wish I was there,” old-school house party. From Kid Capri, to Miami's own Luke, everybody was in this one. Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Da Brat, the reggae artist Patra … Total sang the hook 'Oh Biggie give me one more chance". The model, Tyson, Heavy D, R&B sensations Zhane and SWV, and of course Biggie's wife, Faith Evans, all make appearances. 

The video is a mid-1990s house party how-to manual in visual form. And the fact that so many well-known female artists were willing to make cameos (especially considering the lyrics of the original) was a powerful affirmation of Biggie's irresistible sex appeal with women. The video also reifies for its viewers B.I.G's iconic status within the music industry itself. The “people's champ” was also the “executives'. His mass appeal had micro impressions as well; at this point in hip-hop history the Notorious B.I.G. was being crowned king by his fans around the country and counterparts in the music industry. Which obviously didn't sit well with his enemies. Of which there were many.

SAMPLE - Grover Washington Jr. - Hydra

SAMPLE - DeBarge - All This Love

Mary J. Blige felt a strong connection to the 1983 Debarge ‘Stay With Me’ single. “That sample, came from one of my favorite songs by Debarge. I was talkin’ to Puff about it; he played me the [remix]. I just had to get on it, ’cause he had jacked the Debarge sample.”

Rashad Smith reveals that Debarge was not the intended sample to the 1995 remix single. Instead, the producer for LL Cool J, Craig Mack, and Nas sought Faze-O’s 1977 “Riding High” beat. EPMD had used that sample for 1989’s “Please Listen To My Demo.”

“[Puff Daddy] will put that heat on my neck. ‘I need to get this done right now. Yo, find me something in five minutes!’ I’m laughing. I’m scratchin’ my head in the middle of making a beat. Puff was like, ‘Yo, we gonna remix “One More Chance.”‘ I knew the record, but I just wanted to listen to it again, to kinda get familiar with the rhymes and everything. I’m thinking we’re gonna use the same rhymes [and] remix the original vocals. [Puff Daddy said], ‘Nah, it’s a whole new record.'” Reportedly, Puff needed to know the sample within five minutes. “I’m like, Faze-O might be kinda crazy; I can hear Big over this!” He says Puffy did not object to the choice, only stressing the urgency. “I looped it up and took it to the studio. I told Puff, ‘I like it, but it’s aight.’ Big ain’t even get on it yet. Then I had another idea. I said, ‘Yo, I wanna rock that Debarge sample.'” Rashad reveals that Kid Capri’s album The Tape inspired the choice, care of the song “Billy.” Upon hearing the idea, Bad Boy was down. “Puff said, ‘That’s the one.”

This song was SO successful, it was Biggie's most financially successful record during his lifetime. ("Mo Money, Mo Problems" has surpassed it since he's passed.)