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Everything I Know Is A Sham

Richard Saker. Shutterstock Images.

I went out late last night for the first time in a while. You hit 35 and you just accept you have to hang it up. I rallied strong because I had planned for it in advance so I was amped up to be out past the 10 o'clock news. The bar party I went to had a ton of good friends, light conversations, laughs, etc. I felt it this morning, but it was worth it. Need one of those nights once every 6 months to a year to keep things fresh. 

Anyway, I left at about 1am and walked down the avenue knowing the food places I would pass were open 24 hours since the dawn of time. I figured I would grab something to take in the (undisclosed ride share app ... no free ads) and eat at home. I was set on a bacon egg and cheese. There were 2 bagel places within a 6 block walk. One was like 2 block away, the other was 6 blocks away. The first bagel place I stopped at had the grill off. Couldn't do a Bacon Egg and Cheese. I left. Ok no big deal. If people aren't ordering late anymore, plus the gas cost ... no problem. Who am I to judge small businesses saving a buck? I walked out and headed to the place 6 blocks away and got my sandwich, called my ride and safely headed home. 

Here's the part where I mention there is a diner in between these two bagel places. This diner is a hole in the wall, but also the epicenter of people eating after the bars for my entirety of my bar going career. Thanksgiving Eve 4am I had my best friend tell me I sucked as Santa Claus at his family party in that diner, Parade Day after the bars close for more years than I can remember, weekend nights in the wee hours in the morning ... etc etc This place was as reliable as they come. I also don't know a single person in my life who has gone there before midnight on a weekend. I wonder if there was a pie chart of this place's revenue ...95% of it is after midnight. I know that's an exaggeration but I'm telling you this place is a haven for night owls. It's also not great food but people go because it's always there and always open.... or so I thought. 

Well color me amazed that when I walked past this place at 1:07 am thinking I could stop in there instead of walk 3 more blocks freezing my ass off ... it was closed. I was stunned. STUNNED. Now I get it, covid years lightened the bar crowds on the boulevard, it incurs major costs to keep the lights on, the staff paid etc. That's even harder if no one is in the place. But everything I know had become a sham. Never in my life did I expect the diner for after bar crowds to be closed at 1am. I am still stunned as I right this. Some things are sacred, and the diner everyone knows will be open after the bars is one of those things. 

I don't want. to blame the diner because it's actually smart business to close if you aren't getting business. I am left to blame this younger generation of kids and young adults. What is wrong with these kids? They are shutting it down at 11pm? Are they not going to bars at all? Are you not having a few laughs in a booth after a good night out? Are you not balancing out the High Noons and Pink Whitney you consumed with an order of Disco Fries? Are you face timing your friends and not even going out at all? These kids need to step it up. That diner has had 30 years of stumbling idiots walk in there from the bars. They did it before me, I did it, And I expected the next generation to keep that going. I guess you really can't count on things to last forever. What a shame.