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In Maybe His Softest Move As Commissioner, Adam Silver Wants To Avoid A "Last Pick" Situation At The NBA All Star Draft

Jason Miller. Getty Images.

I'm sorry, what exactly did I just read? 

Hold on, let me read that tweet again to make sure I have this right. I mean, I did go to ASU for a reason and it's not because people refer to Arizona State as the Harvard of the West.

Ok, nope, still confused.

Is Adam Silver (and the NBA) serious with this? Have we really gotten this soft? This might be one of the most embarrassing things I think I've ever heard come from the league and for a wide variety of reasons. Was this maybe a soft launch to see how the reaction would be on social media before making a decision like this? I sure hope so, because if this is now how the All STar draft is going to go down, I'm afraid that's extremely pathetic.

For starters, are these not grown men? Is someone so sensitive that being the last pick of an ALL STAR GAME would be upsetting or embarrassing? I get it, we've had some moments before where everyone shit on James Harden when it came to the All Star Draft over the years

But stuff like this is all part of the fun. It's partly why fans tune in and give a shit about All Star drafts. Once we learned that this year it was going to be aired live

the entertainment factor went up a few notches. It's one thing when the segment is pre-recorded and is just a list of names. When the actual players are on the court and everything is live, there is way more potential for drama/awesome moments.

So what does Adam Silver do? He tries to ruin that with some of the dumbest shit I've ever seen.

Quick question for the big brains in the NBA. Why exactly would it matter if the reserves are drafted before the starters? Guess what, if you're the last reserve picked that's basically the same thing as being the last overall pick because we already know who the starters are going to be. Not only that, but how does this solve any issue at all since now people will just clown on the last starter drafted? 

Again, this is all coming from an ASU education so I could be misunderstanding this, but I don't think I am. There's a last pick regardless no? 

I think the time has come for someone to sit Adam Silver down and ask him why he hates the All Star weekend. First, he's forcing us to relive another skills competition with a bunch of random guys vs the Antetokounmpo brothers as if this wasn't a gigantic failure the first time we saw it just last year

Last in shooting, didn't finish the relay, but sure let's bring this back for another try! That's what everyone wants to see! 

To add more fuel to that fire, now Silver decides to do some weak shit like this when it comes to the draft. For someone and a league that cares so much about ratings and the perception of the NBA, how is there nobody in his life that is telling him how bad these ideas are? Is this a "yes men" issue where nobody has the guts to tell Silver he's making terrible decisions that are only going to lead to his league being clowned by everyone on the internet and in turn people probably won't watch? It's very bizarre that the league talked about this plan and was like 

"Yup! This is perfect! Nobody will use common sense and this way a player's feelings won't get hurt!"

Giphy Images.

So now, in an effort to remove a "last pick" situation, the NBA sneaky created two separate "last pick" situations. That's some Grade A work right there when you think about it. 

Somewhere out there, I'm pretty sure David Stern is rolling in his grave after hearing this news. Do you think he would do something like this if he was still around to call the shots? Hell no! In fact, he would probably rig it somehow so there would be more drama. He would demand there be tears on national television. 

Sadly, we are no longer in the David Stern WWE era. That's too bad.