If You're A Fan Of Chaos And Anarchy, Then You Need To Be A College Lacrosse Fan This Year

It was probably right around this time last year when we knew exactly how the 2022 college lacrosse season was going to play out. Maryland was going to be one of the most dominant teams ever assembled, and they were on a crash course to go up against Virginia at some point in the tournament. Whoever won that game was going to be the 2022 National Champion. Turns out the only real shocker of the season was that Maryland and Virginia met up in the quarterfinals instead of over Memorial Day Weekend. But we all knew from the beginning that Maryland was going to likely never lose a game and shit pump their way to the National Championship. Great team for sure, but the season lacked a ton of intrigue. 

The 2023 college lacrosse season is already drunk off its ass. 

Just last weekend we had all 3 of the top teams in the nation fighting for their lives in a 1-goal game at the same time. At one point on Saturday afternoon we had Virginia and Michigan in a 1-goal game, Maryland and Loyola in a 1-goal game, Georgetown and Hopkins in a 1-goal game, and Duke vs Jacksonville was tied. 

#1 Virginia ended up turning it on in the 4th quarter to pull away from Michigan, but it was still a wild first 3 quarters. 

Loyola poured it on in transition during the 2nd quarter to pull off the upset and give #2 Maryland their first regular season loss since 2020. 


Hopkins completed their comeback to knock off #3 Georgetown to deliver a big time win for the "Hopkins Is Back" crowd. Only to end up losing later this week to UNC, but we don't have to talk about that. 

And then for the 2nd year in a row, Jacksonville told Duke to Call Them Daddy. 

3 major upsets and a big time scare for the #1 team in the country. And we're only halfway through the month of February. If parity gets your juices flowing, then buckle the heck up for the rest of the college lacrosse season. Especially because it's only going to get crazier from here with the Ivy League teams joining the mix and starting their seasons this weekend. 

On this week's episode of The Crease Dive we talk about all the biggest games from last week, talk about why Merrimack is actually America's team, rank our top 5 venues to watch a lacrosse game, and preview the best games coming up this weekend. 

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