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Bill Walton Is Sick And Tired Of That Pesky 'Troll' Joe Lunardi Disrespecting The Conference Of Champions

That's it. It's time for it to happen. Bill Walton vs Joe Lunardi, Hell in a Cell. If there was a time I watched Karl Malone vs Dennis Rodman wrestle each other surely we can make this happen. Walton in his tie-dye t-shirt, walking out to a Dead song and fighting for the respect of the Pac-12 vs Lunardi in his tie, fighting to shit on the Pac-12. You may be asking why Walton is all worked up and the answer is simple.

Lunardi currently only has two teams from the conference in the NCAA Tournament: 

First off, who gives a shit what Lunardi has? He's trying to guess what the committee thinks. Not to mention he's a very average bracketologist according to Bracket Matrix rankings. He's just the face of it all. Second, the Pac-12 fucking stinks. We go through this every year when they get just a couple teams in and every year the people saying it's going to be 2 or 3 is right. 

Quick question for Bill. Who is the 3rd best team in the Pac-12? 

USC? Congrats. They have losses to FGCU (No. 172 at home), Oregon State (No. 202 on the road), Washington State (No. 66), Wisconsin (No. 70). A win over UCLA/Auburn can only carry you so far. Arizona State? Congrats you lost to Texas Southern (No. 314), San Francisco (No. 103), Washington (No. 104), Washington State (No. 63). 

The fact is outside of UCLA and Arizona, the Pac-12 is just trash. You can't even say the lazy take of 'well you gotta get 68 teams.' Or 'well, the bubble is weak.' In fact it's the opposite this year. The gap from those teams is shorter than ever. That's just a fact. You can read about it here in this very nerdy, but awesome article.

I do love that people get so worked up at Lunardi. How can you hate this guy?

He doesn't influence shit. He just guesses at what a committee does that we all bitch about anyways. Genius really.