Chiefs Rookie DB Jaylen Watson Was The Parade MVP - Got So Drunk He Was Put In A Wheel Chair To Get Home

Look at this man. That man is zooted beyond belief. In fact this is the new peak of a wheel chair in sports. Paul Pierce and his poop shorts are no longer the case. You get so drunk at the title parade that you have to be put in a wheel chair to get on home, you win. I wonder when the moment hit because this could very well be it: 

I assume that's his girlfriend next to him and let me tell you something. She's doing everything in her power to be a loving significant other in that video. She's got the arm around him making sure he's not wobbly. She's letting him have a day. You know she can also hold this over his head with a simple 'I didn't see anyone else get wheelchaired out of the parade.' Facts only. 

Hey, when you're a 7th round pick playing meaningful minutes in the Super Bowl, go get this drunk. I say it all the time, but everyone should be allowed to let loose during parades. We saw Tom Brady do it on the boat with the Bucs a couple years ago. And now we see Jaylen Watson putting Kelce and Mahomes to shame. 

I can't stop laughing at the end of that video though. Listen, every single person who drinks has gone through those 10 seconds before. The bent over realizing he probably made a mistake. Chugged it a tad too long. Only to get caught in the moment again and go double arms in the air with a scream. Since he's a guy I assume he scream 'lets go'. 

Congrats on the late MVP win.