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Corbin Burnes Lit Up The Brewers For How They Handled His Arbitration Hearing Where They Apparently Blamed Him For Milwaukee Missing The Playoffs


No man on the planet Earth should have been put through what Corbin Burnes was put through this week. No, not getting nickel and dimed by his bosses in a billion dollar industry. I'm talking about being forced to spend an entire Valentine's Day away from his lady because he was getting nickel and dimed by his bosses in a billion dollar industry then getting home to see her just before she went to bed. Corbin may be in the doghouse at home, but the Brewers are in the doghouse of his doghouse because you could tell how mad he was by the number of ummms in his interview, which was approaching a Barstool podcast level.

But seriously, baseball is so weird man. You have a sport with no salary cap where superstars break the bank with fully guaranteed contracts, middle relievers can make millions of dollars per year despite being the least favorite player of every fan, yet young studs get strung along on arbitration for half a decade where they have to plead their case for a raise only to have the team list all the reasons they don't deserve it because they actually suck according to a Powerpoint they put together.

In Corbin Burnes' case, the Brewers apparently used his finish to the season as Exhibit A why he didn't deserve to get a frew extra bucks in his bank account.

via ESPN

All in all, a rough August followed by an alright September. I don't think the Brewers missed the playoffs because Corbin Burnes had a 3.54 ERA over the last month. Maybe if I dug into some advanced stats that had a few letters, and symbols in it like WVARP+^ I could make a case. But I think other players on the Brewers not being as good as Corbin Burnes could be the reason the Brew Crew missed the playoffs.

None of that matters though because the Brewers won their first showdown of the season, which was against Burnes. What did they save moneywise in exchange for pissing off their ace right before his last season under contract? $750,000!

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I don't know how far they can stretch 750K in Milwaukee, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that's probably not going to be worth the trouble of angering your ace, his wife, and every fan that saw that video.

What I do know is that I need baseball writers to stop tweeting out stupid arbitration numbers when they are finalized and instead leak what was said in those hearings. Because hearing a guy signed with a team for a million dollars more or less than the team wanted does nothing for me. But hearing it's the case because the team said the player wasn't clutch or is a dick in the clubhouse is the kind of stuff that keeps the content game afloat.

Also Corbin, if you are reading this, I know a guy who pays player their worth, made at least $750,000 since you started reading this blog, spent twice that on a local Super Bowl commercial for his team, and his GM is BFFs with the ex-President of Baseball Operations of the Brewers that will hopefully be with the Mets by this time next year. Hopefully they can all greet you with open arms/wallet in Queens next offseason.