Aaron Taylor Johnson Has Too Many Abs To Count In His Latest Vanity Fair Photoshoot And I Need A Cold Shower

Sweet mother of God. Vanity Fair always crushes with their cover stars on the Hollywood issue, and it's about time that Aaron Taylor Johnson is getting the shine he deserves. Ever since I saw him in Nocturnal Animals I've been in love with him - a hot psychopath? I'm in. Of course he's getting attention right now for his character on Bullet Train (movie was decent, I'm not an action girlie but I liked it) and even moreso for the LARGE age gap between himself and his wife (23 years his senior.)

There are also rumors flying around that he cheated on his wife with Bullet Train costar Joey King, who almost exclusively dates MEGA HOTTIES (Jacob Elordi being one of them.) This girl must have a LOT of game. 

All I know is that I lost my breath when I saw the photos of Aaron's abs, and I wanted an excuse to blog about it. Enjoy.