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Amanda Holden - One Time Winner Of 'Rear Of The Year' - Turns 52 Today, Continues To Climb The Ageless Power Rankings

This is Amanda Holden. I've blogged about her before when she won Rear of the Year: 

I'm blogging about her today because she's 52 years old. 52 and looks like that! That's for sure not blogging age. We all look 52 when we hit about 30. Slight difference I guess between us and a British media personality. I know, I know. 50 isn't what it used to be, especially when we're talking about famous people. But it's still a jarring number. I do think birthdays are pretty pointless outside of the main ones. Turning 21 matters. Turning 30 is a number that throws you off a little bit. Same goes for 40. Basically anything after 30 you just say mid or late 30s. 50 though? That's the number I always remembered growing up when my parents turned it and everything like that. 

But think of some of the ageless power rankings we have for people over 50. People like Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Hurley, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez. Fine I'll include pictures: 

Then there's the ultimate ageless alien. Christie Brinkley is 69 (nice) years old. 

I'm not here to argue rankings, to each their own. I'm here to remind you Amanda Holden is on that list though. It's also a good reminder that age doesn't mean shit. Yeah hangovers hit more and last longer. Yeah you get tired a little quicker and things in life change. But if Amanda Holden can look like this at 52, I can look average at 36. That's all we're going for. Let's all wish Amanda a happy birthday.