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Mavs Fans Are Freaking Out That Luka Doncic Is Going To Get Fat Because He's Going To Crush Beers In Mexico For The All-Star Break

I honestly love Luka Doncic. He's just this dumpy looking fella who kicks everyone's ass. It's impressive really. Dude has been playing professional basketball for years now and breaks out these moves that you just don't expect. Can score, can pass, elite playmaker. Whatever. But also?

Dude just likes to party. 

Again, he's a 23-year old dude. Of course he likes his beer. Him and Boban together though? That's an elite beer group. Give me a nice mid-70s day, sun out, pitchers and buckets of beer with those guys. I'll just sit there and listen to Boban talk. That and be mesmerized by the size of a bottle in his hand. 

Now, it's not exactly a secret that most of the NBA isn't really looking forward to having to go to Salt Lake City for the All-Star Game. That's not a destination. Out of all the NBA cities, SLC is probably dead last in terms of places the players want to travel to. Coaches for that matter too: 

So yeah, of course Luka wants to go to Mexico. That said, you know who isn't pumped? Mavs fans. They are all freaking out that he's gonna get fat because he's just going to crush beers for 3 days straight: 

I gotta admit seeing Luka using an oxygen machine would be fucking hilarious. We need Luka to stay a little chubby. There's something about seeing that guy torch the league. Can't have everyone be completely jacked. And personally, if I'm a Mavs fan I'm freaking out more about Kyrie on my team. That dude kills franchises. 

Here's my real question though. Will Luka's girlfriend be on the trip?