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Hard To Blame 3-23 Louisville Basketball For Trying To Get Its Season Canceled By Having Its Very Own Deflategate Scandal Last Night

My hands are tied here. I don't want to make fun of Louisville. I don't even want to blog about a 3-23 team. But I gotta give them credit where it's due. Louisville is out here with a deflategate scandal and clearly the only reason they played Virginia tight. It's Louisville. They fucking stink. No chance they would have played Virginia tight if it wasn't for a deflated ball. Spare me the 'both teams have to use it.' Maybe Louisville could practice with it if they knew it were coming? Just a hypothetical here of course. 

Look at how Clark and Bennett react too. They were flabbergasted, perhaps even bewildered. And according to the one tweet Ben Vander Plas showed a ref during the second half. Banner day for the ACC to not just replace the deflated ball. Then again, college refs are so damn bad. Seriously look at the ACC, they had a message from the commissioner to stop making fun of their officials: 

That's embarrassing. Coaches should be able to call out the bullshit we have to watch like Matt Painter did: 

But this is about Louisville, not refs. I don't blame them for trying to get the season null and void. You want a 3-23 record? You want to hear 'first time since the 1940-41 team' because that's all we're hearing about this team. They should try everything and anything to cheat to win (again, allegedly). 

I still can't get over how dumb everything is about a deflategate. Truly one of the dumbest stoylines the NFL script had.