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With News Of Tommy Fury Breaking Jaws In Camp, Is Jake Paul In Trouble?

After multiple false starts, Jake Paul will once again attempt to fight reality show star and part-time pugilist Tommy Fury atop the ESPN+ and FITE+ pay-per-view (PPV) event on Sun., Feb. 26, 2023 from Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Fury is the half brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and son of “sketchy” boxing trainer John Fury. The latter has been working overtime to get “TNT” prepared for the biggest (and by his account easiest) fight of Tommy’s career.

At great cost to Fury’s sparring partners.

“We’ve had good class kids in the gym. We’ve had heavyweights in, cruiserweights in, light heavyweights in, we’ve had them all,” Fury told Daily Mail. “They’ve all been good, class, young, hungry men. But, bring it. He’s been handling them very well. There have been a few visits to the hospital for the sparring partners but that’s boxing. He’s been doing them some damage. We’ve had a hairline fracture in the jaw and we’ve had a few knockdowns. We’ve had a few cold knockouts from Tommy. He’s been destroying his sparring partners. You can ask them. He knows who they are. They know whether Tommy is the real deal or not.”

The time has come! I was covering this matchup back when it was originally announced and promised I wouldn't jump back on the fight hype until it was close enough to actually happen. 

At long last, Fury is officially in Dubai for the fight. He's there which means he has made it through all the sparring, all the possibilities he could get hurt, and has shown up. 

Everyone has been shitting on Tommy Fury's boxing skills, my boss included. There was quite a lengthy conversation where Joe Rogan literally got pissed at him regarding his commentary on whether Tommy Fury Is "a boxer"

But the reports coming out that Tommy Fury is cracking jaws mean that kid is probably running a cycle of crazy juice and only taking power shots to crack skulls. I mean he's taken enough stalling to train and get ready. There's a good chance he could be the first boxer to overpower Jake Paul. 


Tyson Fury has already commented that if the guy doesn't win he's getting left in Dubai so the kid has to be half decent by Tyson Fury's standards to get by against Jake Paul. 

Look, I don’t think either of these guys is close to world-class boxers but bad boxing is entertaining. I mean, Rough N Rowdy is nowhere close to great boxing but it is mad entertaining to watch.

I'm just hoping for a good fight where we see these guys throw hands, and we get a knockout. A lot of people are watching just to see Jake Paul get KO'd, this time we might just get it.