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Florida Lawmakers, Known Clowns, Want To Make Storming The Field A Crime

WCTV — Criminal penalties would become possible for those who try and rush onto a field or court at a sporting or entertainment event if one of two newly introduced bills in the Florida Legislature makes it to Governor DeSantis’s desk. Freshman Republican Senator Corey Simon of Tallahassee introduced SB 764, or the “Interference with Sporting or Entertainment Events” bill on Tuesday, February 14.

SB 764 would make it a first-degree misdemeanor, which carries up to a year in jail and fines up to $2,500 if someone enters a “covered area” in a stadium or venue. This area is defined as “any area designated for use by players, coaches, officials, performers, or personnel administering a covered event that is on, or adjacent to, the area of performance or play.”

It's bad enough that the SEC is dishing out $250,000 fines every time a school has any bit of fun, but now a couple of absolute losers in Florida want to start filling the jails with college kids who storm the field after a big win.

This is just so ridiculous on so many levels. Beyond the obvious absurdity of this idea, do lawmakers in Florida not have any bigger fish to fry than this right now? I'm pretty sure I could find an issue or two in Florida, of all places, that should be addressed before students storming the field after a football game.

Also, why would any state lawmaker sign up to be known as one of the guys wanting to put college kids in jail for no reason at all? Seems like fairly bad PR to me.

This will never pass, but the fact it was brought before a state legislature in the first place is insane. Let the kids have fun!