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People Shocked by the Age Gap Between Chris Evans & His GF but We Think It’s Kind Of... Fine?

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Fans have known Chris Evans has been secretly dating Alba Baptista for about a year now. The couple has an age gap of 16 years (Chris is 41, Alba 25) and they've been able to keep their relationship mostly private by avoiding public appearances and paparazzi. Chris's latest move on Instagram, however, puts it all out there for the world to see. And boy did people have things to say.

Here come the comments. As predictable as you may expect:

 “Really 25 years old? So typical for a famous man in his 40s to date someone in their 20’s.”

“Leonardo DiCaprio incoming."

“Hollywood men are disgusting."

This one is tough. I think what sets Chris apart from Leo is that this isn't an infamous pattern for him. On top of that it's been over a year, they've kept things private and they're now living together. Plus, it's highly possible that despite their age gap, Chris Evans has the emotional maturity of a 25-year-old given his career and fame level.

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