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Trevor Lawrence Is Better Than Justin Herbert and Josh Allen

That list seems silly right? Maybe not. 

I've been a Jaguars fan since the day that the team was announced. I remember sitting in my living room and watching the news. There was going to be a vote about which cities would be the new expansion teams. I had heard that Jacksonville was in the mix but I didnt believe it. I was in the 5th grade at the time and didn't think most of the country knew where Jacksonville was. 

That was in 1993. Two years later, the Jags took the field for the first time. I was wearing Payless branded Jaguars shoes at school, had the backpack, the Jaguars shirts from Walmart, and the rest of the kit and kaboodle. My heart turned teal. 

The last few years have been fucking rough, man. There is a lot of shittiness to go through but to give you an idea, Gus Bradley wont 14 games as the head coach. Gus was here for 4 years. Doug got the team to nine wins in his first season after the team had just four wins in the previous two years combined. It was made worse by that run in 2017 that should have been a super bowl appearance because Myles Jack wasn't down. During that season, the Jaguars looked PRIME to be a good team for a long time. They had a ton of bright young stars in the making. Jalen Ramsey. Leonard Fournette, Myles Jack, Allen Robinson, Blake Bortles, and a steady coach who seemingly lost his very conservative ways in Doug Marrone. But then the mother fuckin wheels fell off which could end up being a great thing if Trevor continues to grow like he has this year. 

For years, the Jaguars have been sitting there with a crushed fan base and that dastardly bastard Urban Meyer who ended up fingering butts and kickin players in the gut. It was a disaster, a catastrophe even. 

Back-to-back number-one overall picks and started this year 4-7. Next thing ya know, Trevor Lawrence turns it around and has the Jaguars in the divisional round. The Jags certainly caught some breaks along the way, mostly in the form of the Titans blowing their load the entire back half of the year but I never expected this offseason praise. 

Folks all across the football world are saying Trevor is a good bet to win the MVP at his odds. People are saying that Calvin Ridley added to this WR room is gonna cause this offense to explode on the field. ETN is getting better with each snap. Tyson Campbell is a top 5 CB in the league. Cisco is coming on. Add that to the growth that is expected from Travon Walker and you got a stew going. 

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Now let's get to the tweet at the top of the blog. I know Cowherd can be a little bit of a sensationalist but this made me happy. Very happy. It could be completely wrong but I don't think so. It scares me that I think at the end of the year, most people will have that group as one, two, and three. I'm not certain they are better than Herbert or Allen but there is no doubt in my mind that he is. Even Davey Pageviews sees the Prince that was Promised coming into his own. 2024 Super Bowl Champs The Jacksonville Jaguars are comin and so will I.