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It Literally Took 54 Minutes Before Jacob deGrom Had To Be Shutdown Due To Tightness In His Left Side

Just look at the time that those two tweets were sent. You can't make this stuff up folks. A tiger doesn't change his stripes. Jacob deGrom reported to Spring Training for the Rangers and immediately is being sat down because of tightness in his left side. Is it serious? No, but with deGrom it is always something. He is literally an all world pitcher when he is on the mound, but as KFC was taught by McShay, the best ability is availability. 

Now the tightness seems like it's from the cold weather and how early it is in camp. Levi Weaver of The Athletic said he could pitch through it if it was the regular season, but it's all just so predictable. People were making jokes about him getting hurt walking into camp and it quite literally happened. Again, this isn't a big thing it appears, and it won't affect him in the long run you wouldn't think, but it's just wild that he can't stop getting hurt. 54 minutes between the first tweet of him appearing as a Ranger and the first injury news. deGrom gonna deGrom. We already knew it, but just to reiterate....#FrankWasRight.