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Some Dude Tried To Break Out Of A Maximum Security Prison Disguised As A Sheep - It's Hard To Believe It, But He Was Caught When The Guards Realized He Wasn't a Sheep


Every now and again you come across someone who is truly a genius. You read about them and then sit there wondering how awesome it must be to have a brain so intelligent. It's honestly infuriating because majority of us are just really stupid and there's nothing we can do about it. Being a know it all as a kid ain't all that great, but when that shit continues into your adult years it really pays off. 

That's why we're here to talk about José Luis Callisaya Diaz. Nicknamed "'El Araña" which translates to The Spider, Diaz is currently serving a 15 year sentence in a maximum security prison for homicide. Can't do that. Seems 15 years was too long for Diaz to wait so he concocted this elaborate Michael Scofield-esque prison escape in hopes of fleeing to the promised land. 

His master plan? Dress up as a sheep and crawl through the grassland past all the guards. 

Incredible. Not sure how anyone noticed him at all to be quite honest. This guy is a true pro. 

Guards quickly noticed that the slippery criminal wasn't in his cell and authorities scrambled to bring him into incarceration. Guards found him in the act as he inched across the grassy field on his hands and knees and he was quickly returned to his cell.

In a bizarre set of photos, Diaz can be seen wearing the sheep wool jacket and dark trousers while appearing to trail through the grass, impersonating the farmyard animal. The escape artist believed he could take advantage of the cold weather to avoid the slammer.

Unlucky! That's all I can chalk this one up to. Makes total sense how he was able to deceive the guards in the first place and get as far as he did. Really pulled the wool over their eyes. I'd totally keep those guards employed moving forward. Can't see any issues with their awareness and judgement skills. It's not their fault they were dealing with a mastermind. 

I think one thing that we can all say for certain here is that this guy is gonna escape prison at some point soon and never be caught. He's so close he can taste it. This feels like we're watching Law Abiding Citizen right before our very eyes. I obviously don't want murderers on the loose, but some things just feel inevitable.