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Keep On Shooting: Neymar Apparently Got Turned Down By Keyt Alves, So He Did The Next Logical Thing ... Tried To Pick Up Her Twin Sister

[Source] - Key, 23, told samba star and fellow Big Brother Brasil contestant Marvvila on February 14: "Do you know what his slip-up was? He was chatting to my twin sister, before she was in a relationship. Then she started dating and he stopped. Then what did he do? He sent me a message, as if the two of us hadn't discussed him calling her."

Key revealed that she pretended to play ball with the PSG forward so her twin - volleyball star Keyt Alves - could later call him out on it. She explained: "Do you know what he said? 'Who knows, maybe I'll get with both of you.'

Key continued: "My sister and I, we talk about everything, did he really think I wouldn't mention it? Now, if he hadn't sent her a message, if he'd only sent one to me, I'd already be over in Paris. Don't you think so? Taking a stroll, right?"

What a move by Neymar. I've blogged about the Alves twins before since Key is the most followed volleyball player in the world:

Then we found out she had a twin sister: 

Meanwhile we have Neymar. One of the most popular and well-known athletes in the world. I'm not hyping that up, that's just a fact. The dude knows how to have a good time and decided to swing for the fences here. He starts by trying to hit up Keyt and talk to her. She decides to get into a relationship. Who would do such a thing? This is where Neymar used his playmaking ability on social media. He decides to change it up and play off like nothing happened.

Goes right to talking to Key. It's only one letter off, so I respect his ability to just act like nothing is going on. Now the obvious happened. Twin sisters talk. Who could have guessed? Key decides to string him along just so they can call him out. Pretty mean. Hilarious move but mean. That said, I don't think Neymar gives a shit. That's pretty clear by his response of saying maybe he can land both of them. Ballsy. Respect for that. 

There's a good chance that Neymar doesn't give one single shit about them calling him out, because, well, he's Neymar. He's likely on to another set of twin sisters trying to talk them up. That said everyone say hi to Key and Keyt.