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If You're Interested In Having A Good Cry Today, Listen To Jason Kelce Talk About Seeing His Mom After The Super Bowl

First of all, moms rule. They rule so hard. Your mom always thinks that you are the greatest human to ever walk the face of the Earth. It doesn't matter if you're playing in the Super Bowl or if you rode the bench on a DIII lacrosse team. No matter what, your mom always thinks that there couldn't possibly be anybody in the world better than you. Your mom loves you more than anything and she'd be willing to do anything for you. It's easy to take that for granted a lot of the times, though. But when you stop and think about how much your mom does for you, you realize they all deserve way more than just one Mother's Day per year. 

Jason and Travis Kelce were able to give their mom Donna an entire Mother's Week. She was the main story the whole way leading up to the Super Bowl. We got more Donna Kelce the week of the Super Bowl than we got from probably 80% of the guys actually playing in the game. We heard plenty from the quarterbacks, a decent amount of the head coaches, the Kelce brothers and maybe a couple of other players. But aside from that, this Super Bowl was all about Donna Kelce. 

So it's awesome that Jason and Travis were able to give her that shine that she deserved all week. But even more awesome to see how emotional Jason got about it. How many other guys in the history of the game can ever say that losing the Super Bowl was still one of the greatest moments of their life? That's the power of moms, man.