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'It Wasn't Basketball. It Was Other Shit' - Pat Bev, Finally Confirming What Every Single Person Knew About The Lakers Problems

Here's my only wish. Pat Bev needed to let it all out. This is why he has a podcast though. He's not afraid to say something 'controversial.' I don't think it is, he's straight up telling you why the Lakers are struggling. I still think it's some basketball. You have a weird mix of players that don't really complement each other well. Obviously a lack of shooting is there as well as injuries. But this is now another year that Lakers look lost. 

And it's all because of other shit. Well what exactly could that be? That's where I wish Pat Bev let it all out. I'm sure he's holding some of it in just to not piss everyone off. But the front office is disaster. There's for sure a power struggle there. You had guys instantly throw Russ under the buss for being a vampire after he left although Pat shuts that down pretty quick: 

I don't think it's groundbreaking what Pat is saying. Everyone knows the Lakers are a disaster. Shit, they can't even get LeBron on the court after he broke the scoring record. Anthony Davis is fed up with losing. They are trying anything to make it work, pretty evident by the trade deadline moves. Pretty hilarious and ironic this is the tweet right before the Pat Bev quote

Hate to see it happen to the Lakers and LeBron. A real shame. 

Check out the full show here: