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Ultimate Big Boy Move: Andy Reid Celebrated The Super Bowl With A Pizza And A Salad, Just To Make His 'Chubbiness Feel Good'

We know a couple things about Andy Reid. He's going to wear a Hawaiian shirt whenever possible. He's going to celebrate with food. Now he changed it up on us. The man was always a cheeseburger guy. Not this year though. A little something special for beating his former team. A pizza and a salad. Ultimate big boy move. Probably treated himself to a Diet Coke to convince himself it was healthier. That's truly the ultimate big man move. 

I do have a problem with the pizza order. Mushrooms? Gross. Get mushrooms out of my goddamn face. They are so disgusting. I'm a simple man with pizza. Pepperoni is number 1. Impossible to beat a good, solid pepperoni pizza. Want to mix it up? Go bacon or sausage on there. Want to get crazy? Fine. Buffalo chicken pizza. That's basically my order of some form. I'm shocked, SHOCKED, Andy Reid ventured away from an all-meat pizza. 

Good for Big Red though. Still a perfect nickname. But you win your 2nd Super Bowl, you need to mix it up. Only so many cheeseburgers you can eat. And A+ self-awareness saying he got a salad to make him feel him feel better about being chubby. Don't apologize for that. You're not Slim Red. You're Big Red. Eat the pizza. Wash it down with some cheesecake. Go eat a corn dog and design another awesome play. 

PS: Never forget the ultimate dinner order: