"They Are Just Scumbags" ESPN Brought Up What Hunter Dickinson Said On The Roundball Podcast About Wisconsin

I cannot believe this quote was just on ESPN. I didn't think anyone was allowed to say scumbags on TV, but I stand corrected. This is exactly why I wanted to start the podcast because this is what makes sports the best. Michigan and Wisconsin hate each other already and this just adds to it especially because after saying that he has to go into their house and play them. 

Also when you are on the podcast together you would think the guy is going to tell you he is going to wear a ski mask into the stadium but look at this shit. 

Just so fucking funny to do this for a basketball game. Every single time he touches the ball he gets booed by 20k people and that's just awesome. I love college basketball. 

Hunter has fully embraced the villain roll and that is fantastic. I don't care what anyone says, it's fucking cool that our podcast is being mentioned on primetime games. I really appreciate everyone that listens. Just running back right into the Wisconsin student section and just yelling at them. You have to have some balls to do that and he is backing it up even though he is getting double teamed.