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Reminder: Even In Retirement, Coach K Is A Disgusting Liar

Hmm, let's go back in time a little bit here: 

I see people saying oh he's only there because Mike Brey isn't retiring. Again, I say let's go to the facts: 

Weird. So he's not retiring - most likely hear his name come up on Georgetown's search if (when) they fire Pat Ewing. So Coach K lied about coming to a game, you can't use the Brey excuse either. There's only one thing that can be true. He saw refs not make a call Duke's way against Virginia and showed up to try and intimidate them at home. Only way this checks out. 

It's a (fake) holiday! He should be spending it with his wife at their home like every other couple. There's no way his wife wanted to go watch this game. No one wants to watch Notre Dame again this year. They stink out loud. So either he's at this game to remind Jon Scheyer he's lingering around or he's intimidating refs. Disgusting either way. He promised he wouldn't show up. 

Facts are facts. K is a liar.