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The "Breaking Bad" Themed Cafe In Turkey Looks Like a Great Time (As Long As You Don't Work There)

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CNN - From Los Pollos Hermanos to Albertsons deli green beans to pizza on the roof to Walt Jr.’s breakfast gluttony to awkward table-side guacamole prep, food played an important supporting role in “Breaking Bad.” So maybe it’s little surprise that although the series finale aired nearly two years ago, the spirit of the greatest TV show of all time (some say) lives on in the form of novelty food and drink experiences in Turkey and the UK. Themed cafe Walter’s Coffee Roastery opened in Istanbul in March after a Kickstarter campaign. Founder Deniz Kozan, a German native, originally planned to launch in Brooklyn, but after an investor backed out New York’s loss was Istanbul’s gain. Staff wear yellow hazmat suits and gas masks similar to those worn in the show by crystal meth kingpin Walter White and his sidekick, Jesse Pinkman. Customers can nibble on blue rock candy and “crystal”-topped cupcakes, with coffee served in beakers, while seated under a giant Periodic Table painted on the wall. The Walter Breakfasts, hearty enough to satisfy Walt Jr. himself, are a specialty. There are huge bean holders styled after Walt’s chemical tanks, and visitors can buy bags of #BreakingBeans to take home.


Hey Walt Jr, what do you think?

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There are about a billion TV shows I want to watch right now that I’ve never seen. But yet I’ve watching Breaking Bad start to finish 3 times, probably 4 times if you count catching random episodes on TV. So the idea of Breaking Bad anything brings me a boner. Simply put, if you theme your place of business like Breaking Bad, I’ll gladly overpay to eat there. Will I fly to Istanbul to do it? Absolutely not, but I like that they are taking the greatest television show of all time to good use. Making us Americans proud. I’ve heard a lot of terrible things about Turkey, but this erases all of them. Great cafe for Breaking Bad nerds like me, terrible cafe if you work there:

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They make these poor people wear full hazmat suits to pour you a cup of coffee. Worst working environment ever? Wearing a fucking gas mask to give some schlub a cup of joe? Sounds like hell on earth. Wearing work clothes, at any job, is bad enough. Having to wear a fucking full yellow hazmat suit complete with the gas mask is right up there next to water boarding. These people making 9 dollars an hour to be a glorified barista and not being able to breathe or see while doing it.

PS: Fuck Walt Jr. I don’t know how he doesn’t get more hate than Skylar. I despise his crippled ass. Fuck you Flynn, fuck you.