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WATCH: Spielberg Tells Tom Cruise He Saved Hollywood's Ass

Whenever you hear about hollywood interactions in real life, it's usually in a negative context. This person is hard to work with or this guy is a pervert or this guy cursed out a grip on the set of Terminator: Salvation blah blah blah. This stuff, though, puts a real smile on my face because you know it is real. 

Both Spielberg and Cruise are dedicated to the art of the Hollywood blockbuster. Movies that put asses in seats, excite them, thrill them, and leave them wowed as they leave the theater. I'd go as far as to echo the sentiment that Tom Cruise is the worlds last true movie star. This dude risks his life over and over again to thrill us with practical stunts that shine like a million suns against the overly-CGI'd slop we are force fed these days. Top Gun: Maverick is no exception. It's the 5th highest grossing movie EVER in North America and had the whole country talking about their theater experiences. 

To see these two minds, who obviously worked together before in the under-appreciated 'Minority Report', reunite and gush over movies is simply awesome. By the way, did you know Tom Cruise did the entire interface scene from that movie in one take?