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Loris Karius Is Making A Case There's No Better Job In The World Than A Backup Goalie

I know Loris Karius isn't a career backup goalie. But he is now and his life has arguably never been better. The man is on Newcastle, not having to step on the field. Yet he gets to be part of a squad making a run to the Champions League and top-4 in Premier League. He's made over over $21 million in his career according to Capology. Sure, he started at Mainz, Liverpool and Besikitas during his career but we're talking about right now.

He doesn't have that many responsibilities. Go to practice. Hang out in the keepers room. Backup Nick Pope and keep good vibes rolling. I talked about it with Chad Henne yesterday retiring. Backup quarterback is the best job one can have here in America. You always get to be the fan favorite because you're not blowing games. You're the hope if the starting quarterback struggles. You play well, you get another deal and another gig. 

But you know what else Loris Karius didn't do as a starting keeper? Date Diletta Leotta. He didn't get Valentine's Day posts from her when he was starting for Liverpool and losing Champions League finals. He wasn't going on trips with Diletta Leotta when he was playing in Germany.

Have a year, Loris.