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Real Super Bowl Leadership: Andy Reid Was Going To Bench Any Chiefs Player Who Left The Locker Room To Watch Rihanna

Say what you want about Big Red's time management or 4th down decisions, the man knows how to lead. This right here? This is a vet move. Think about what happened last year: 


Now we all know kickers don't matter. It's not like he needed to sit in a strategy meeting outside of an onside kick decision. But it's about juju here. Andy Reid knew Bengals fans and people losing their mind about this last year. Simple. Keep everyone in the locker room. No bad juju by catching some of Rihanna, even if she has nothing but jams. Really wish we got more of We Found Love during the halftime show, but that's just me. 

You can't tell me this didn't matter. You can't tell me keeping the team together in the locker room for the entire halftime show didn't flip the game. The Bengals had a player out last year, lost. The Chiefs made it known they were staying in this year, won. That's as clear cut as it gets. No such thing as small sample size. 

Chalk another one up for the big man. Meanwhile Nick Sirianni is weeping and mocking the Chiefs during a review. Hate to see him lose. Really hate to see that guy lose.