ALERT! We Got Our First Teaser For Season 3 Of 'Ted Lasso' And It's Time To Ruin That Little Dweeb Nate

We don't see too much here obviously, but this gets the juices flowing. Remember, this is 'supposed' to be the last season of Ted Lasso: 

I still think there will be another season or some sort of offshoot. But that said, we're going to focus on the present. I know people like to shit on whatever the majority of people enjoy, but Ted Lasso is awesome. It fell into that category last season when people just started to shit on it. I always enjoyed it. It's one of the best shows at mixing comedy, seriousness, drama all in one and put it out. It has the legendary characters. It has the quotes. It has the scenes.

Speaking of scenes. Let's not forget this. FUCK NATE. 

Here's my request for season 3 though, especially if it ends. They need to end the show with Richmond ripping the heart out of that piece of shit Nate and West Ham. The show has actually done an awesome job of blurring personalities, seriousness and comedy. Now give us what we want. No heartwarming ending. No turnaround like we saw with Jamie. Just give us Nate being a little bitch. 

Selfishly I'd love to have 10 seasons of Ted Lasso because it's an easy watch that's also a great couple show (huge key). But like I said, it can get played out. Will they get promoted/relegated/win a title can only happen for so many seasons. I know money talks and we could see more, but sometimes it's better to just go out on top. 

All I know is that song in the teaser is catchy as shit. They kill it in terms of music. And again, we don't see much in terms of what to expect this season, but it gets the juices flowing. 

PS: Bullshit to start this during the NCAA Tournament. Wait a month. Give it to us in April through the summer.