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A Love Story For The Ages: Couple Gets Engaged At Mavericks Game, Doubles Down On Romance By Getting Married At Halftime Of A Game

[Source] - Reid Malone and Ellyn Piatt, who are diehard Dallas fans, tied the knot on the team’s center court logo in a ceremony that was officiated by Mavericks play-by-play announcer Mark Followill.

Malone had proposed at a game in 2021, and the Mavericks later reached out to the couple at the end of last year about the idea of tying the knot at a home game, according to WFFA Dallas.

Sweet Jesus this is how you do a wedding. Oh everyone is worried about the guest list and who you invite and who gets cut? Guess what? Just get married at a venue that holds 20,000 people. Gifts for days. But old Reid needs to take it slow here on Valentine's Day. Getting engaged at a Mavs game only to double down and get married there the day before Valentine's Day? That's a modern day Val Venis. 


First off, smart to get married there when the Mavs have the throwback logo on the court. Can't have the weird new horse out there. The green sells the romance. Not that blue and black color. Yuck. Second, shout out the wife here. Do you know how lucky you have to be if you're a guy and convince your wife to marry you at a basketball game? She even got proposed to there! That's an all-timer. Red flags? Absolutely. But I'm a basketball guy. Those flags go away with this move. 

Tough night though. You get married at halftime, probably sit around for the 2nd half and you see this: 

Wedding ruined.