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Here's A Little Update On The Internet's Outrage Over Terry Bradshaw's "Fatphobic" Comments Directed At Andy Reid

So a little sub-plot of Sunday's Super Bowl was the clip above where Terry Bradshaw told Andy Reid to "waddle over here" and "have a cheeseburger on us". Now I know assumptions make an ass of u and me or whatever, but I think it's safe to say Bradshaw and Reid are friends, as they're both affable guys who are football lifers. 

With that said, not only is it acceptable to bust your friends' balls for being fat, it's an obligation. Just take me and Chief for instance. I, for one, happen to be the poster boy for health; I'm tall, lean, handsome, defined and never EVER put anything bad into my body. Chief used to be the same way, but has let himself go. My (also disgustingly fat) friend MSS of the 108 crew said it best:


Now I am obligated as his friend to roast him every time I look in his direction as a means for him to get his life out of the gutter and clean himself up.

It hasn't worked quite yet, but I won't stop these daily roasts until it does. That's my obligation as a friend, just like it's Terry's obligation to roast Andy.

He is working on it though, allegedly. 

But back to Bradshaw, the crybabies on the web are fucking PISSED about his so called fat shaming of Reid: 



I could have embedded millions of other tweets, but you get the gist. Typically on matters like this where some folks on the internet are freaking out, I bite my tongue and STFU as a way to 1) not get myself in trouble and 2) not get into a war of words with broken brain internet freaks, but I can't do that in this instance. 

Listen to me assholes: fat shaming your pals (and let's make that clear- you can only shame your buddies) is not a bad thing, in fact, it's a necessary thing. I dropped 30 pounds in like 5 weeks a year ago because I was sick of you guys, my buddies, calling me fat. I'm healthy as an ox now and my life is better for it. So in the end, choose to be mildly overweight aka "normal" like I do.