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The Moment You Name Your Kid "Gunnarwolfe Fontaine", You Know He's Destined To Become A Legend

Rich Gagnon. Getty Images.

It all starts with a name. 

The moment you are brought into this world, one is placed upon you. If signifies who you are and where you come from. And, in many cases, it represents what you will be capable of achieving in life someday. That's not to say that nobody with a boring ass name can ever achieve greatness in their life. But having a sick name definitely elevates the floor of your potential. 

I've long held the belief that one of the most important aspects to consider when naming a child is to think about how that name will sound being announced during a sporting event. And let me tell ya…it doesn't get much better than Gunnarwolfe Fontaine. 

As soon as his parents threw "Gunnarwolfe" down on the birth certificate, it became his destiny to score a big time goal in the Beanpot championship. It wasn't a matter of when, but if. Had he been given a name off the default menu like Mark, there's a strong chance that Northeastern student Mark Fontaine spends his Monday night studying for a big finance exam the next morning. But not Gunnarwolfe. Kid probably hasn't opened up a textbook his entire life because he'll never need to. Gunnarwolfe Fontaine doesn't read textbooks, he'll just be in them one day instead. 

Both goals in regulation for Northeastern coming off the stick of the Gunnarwolfe. You can watch as much film as you want. You can write up as detailed of a scouting report as you can. But nothing will ever be able to properly prepare you to play against a dude named Gunnarwolfe, and that fact was put on display last night at TD Garden. 

Unfortunately with the new rule changes for the Beanpot, we didn't get to see continuous overtime to give Gunnarwolfe enough time to inevitably score the game winner himself. So this game ended up going to a shootout after the first overtime period ended without either team breaking the tie. And there it was Devon Levi getting the job done and stopping all 3 attempts from Harvard to lock up Northeastern's 4th Beanpot in the past 5 tournaments.