Recapping All The Super Bowl Movie Trailers. 'The Flash', 'Fast X'

For those of you nursing a super bowl hangover, here is a quick recap of the big-hitter trailers. 

1. The Flash

The Flash travels through time to prevent the murder of his mother, but unwittingly causes changes that result in the creation of a multiverse.

To most of the general public, this movie had nothing but negative press. The star was going on criminal rampages across the country and it seemed like it was going to be the death rattle of the DCEU before they jumpstarted things. However, insiders all had a similar story to tell to all us soyface comic book movie fans: This movie is apparently incredible. The test screenings were all overwhelmingly positive and the fact that the movie is so good is what prevented Warner Brothers from taking any real actions against Miller/the movie. This trailer seems to back that sentiment up. Great looking CGI action sequences, cool new characters and some major ones reprising their old DC roles. I am all the way back in on THE FLASH. 

2. Fast X



3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The Guardians of the Galaxy are adjusting to life on Knowhere, but when parts of Rocket's past resurface, Peter Quill must lead the Guardians on a dangerous mission to protect him that could lead to the team dissolving.

The Guardians have been probably the most consistent of all the MCU characters as far as quality goes. Most of the other ones have at least one miss in solo movies or don't do much in the team ups. The Guardians have crushed both which is why I'm excited to see them back in action. Great comedy, even better music, and fun action is what I expect this to deliver. It looks like we get a heavy dose of baby rocket(who looked like he was crucified at one point) + some cute looking otter which is also something to look forward to. I'm also excited to see what Will Poulter can do. He absolutely crushed it in 'Dopesick', which is one of my favorite miniseries of the past few years. 

4. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 

In 1969, American archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones lives against the backdrop of the Space Race. Jones is uneasy over the fact that the U.S. government has recruited former Nazis to help beat the Soviet Union in the competition to make it to space. His goddaughter, Helena, accompanies him on his journey.[5][6] Meanwhile, Jürgen Voller, a NASA member and ex-Nazi involved with the moon-landing program, wishes to make the world into a better place as he sees fit.


There are some good things and bad things about this trailer.

The good is that this movie is directed by James Mangold(Ford v Ferrari, Logan, etc). The de-aging actually looked good and the supporting cast around Ford is great. 

The bad is that the CGI is a little questionable, and it looks like they tried to get a little too dynamic with the 1,000 year old Indiana Jones.

Either way, Indiana Jones is my favorite adventure series ever and I would love for Indy to get the sign off he deserves (fuck Indy 4).

5. Creed III

Adonis has been thriving in both his career and family life, but when a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy resurfaces, the face-off is more than just a fight.

Robbie Fox and I actually went to the screening of this a few days ago but we're both currently under embargo from actually reviewing it. We are not banned from social sentiment, though, so here is what to look forward to. 


6. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Plot unknown. Reportedly based on the 'Transformers' spinoff 'Beast Wars' which feature robots that transform into robotic animals.

Look, I like the Transformers. The first movie still holds up but the rest got lost along the way. I just don't really know much about Beast Wars to be honest. My brothers and I liked the ones that transformed into cars but never saw the appeal in the ones that turn into gorillas or whatever. All that said, I'm down for more transformers content. Especially if it's good. I'd also love to see a well-produced animated show that takes place on Cybertron. 

7. Air