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The One Guy Watching 'Hitch' Instead Of The Super Bowl On This Flight Is The Biggest Try-Hard On The Planet

"Hey, everybody! Look at me! I'm so unique because I don't care about sportsball!"

This isn't a guy who simply wanted to watch Hitch last night — I'd imagine this person had seen the 2005 film at some point before. This guy wanted to send a message. He wants everyone on that plane to know he views himself as a superior being because he would never possibly engage in activity as lowly as watching the Super Bowl.

Aside from the fact this dude is just the world's biggest loser, I guess I'd ask why such an intellectual is flying what appears to be JetBlue. Surely this higher caliber of human should be flying first class — or at least on an airline that has a first class. Trying to flex from the cabin of a JetBlue flight is maybe the best self-own I've ever seen.

Joke's on this guy. He missed an awesome football game to watch a mid romcom because he wanted to sit on his high horse. Nothing but massive Ls for Hitch Boy.