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Loser Chubby Guy In Colombia Runs Onto The Field To Attack A Soccer Player From Behind, Instantly Gets Pummeled Trying To Scurry Away

[Source] - The supporter of home team Tolima sprinted up to rival player Daniel Catano while he was doing some pre-match stretches. He attacked the midfielder, punching him on the head before attempting to run away.

But the 31-year-old star didn't fall to the ground and instead began to chase the fan looking for revenge.

The Millonarios ace used to play for Tolima, which perhaps led to him being the target of the attack.

Catano was sent off by the referee and his fuming team decided to walk off the pitch, refusing to play.

The match was eventually postponed but the controversy did not stop there.

Hold on a second here. The player got a red card and sent off? What the fuck? This is the type of officiating we need to make fun of. This is what we need to protest. The man was there just stretching, getting ready to play a match against his former team and some chubby dude clobbers him in the back of the head.  How is that his fault? 

Good for the team to refuse to play. You can't give a red card to a guy who got attacked by a fan. In fact I'd say the fan got off easy. He should have gotten cleats stomped into his chest. At the minimum teammates should have held him up like we see in wrestling when there's a 3 on 1 attack. Hold him by his arms and let Catano just unleash hell. Fair is fair if you attack someone from behind. At least offer to square up with the player. 

I still can't get over the red card. Not only that but apparently the other team tried to get the game to restart and say the red card doesn't count. The ref wouldn't let it happen. Worst call of the weekend by far. What an asshole this ref is. He's number 2 on asshole rankings behind the husky fan. That guy doesn't even know how to run. He got caught fast.