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'Can Y'all Go To Sleep? I Got Embiid Tomorrow.' - Jabari Smith Had Enough Of Eagles Fans Losing Their Shit Outside His Hotel

I feel for Jabari Smith here. The Rockets stink. He's in the heart of Philly as the Eagles lose in heartbreaking fashion. Listen to that. You know that shit didn't stop at 1am. That went well into the night. That went all night. The man is a rookie who is just trying to get some shut eye because he's got Embiid tomorrow. Sleeping in hotels - even the nicest - sucks. The pillows are never just right. You hear everything. Everything just seems slightly off. Now throw in Philly people trashing cars, banging drums and losing their shit? 


Hilarious, but awful. 

Think about your worst hotel stay in terms of noise. Maybe it's like My Cousin Vinny and you got a train to deal with. Maybe it's the annoying ass wedding party running around. Maybe it's kids. I don't know. Everyone has a story of hotel noise. Now imagine it's the people of Philadelphia after losing the Super Bowl on a (clear) holding call? Good luck surviving. Jabari Smith might not even make it to the game today. 

Jabari Smith under 21.5 points/rebounds/assists on the Barstool Sportsbook tonight. Trust the data. The data being there's no chance in hell that man slept.