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Jackson Mahomes Just Can’t Help Himself From Ruining Everything

NY Post- Jackson Mahomes is at it again. 

The younger brother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is taking his social media followers along with him at Super Bowl 2023, and his posts are unsurprisingly cringeworthy.

Jackson, who had his fair share of social media controversies last season, even snapped a few bathroom selfies at State Farm Stadium, where his big brother and the Chiefs are facing the Eagles. The TikTok star, who boasts over one million followers on the video app, also posed for a selfie with his sister-in-law, Brittany Matthews, and his niece, Sterling Skye, who turns 2 years old later this month.

Fuck the bathroom selfies. That’s just par for the course for this kid. Actually pretty tame if we’re being honest. 

This idiot couldn’t wait for the chance to get on the field and record himself prancing around and doing these goddamn Tik Tok dances. At the Super Bowl. On the field. When his brother just gutted out one of the most courageous comebacks in Super Bowl history, on one fucking leg. 

Speaking of his brother, he was talking to NFL network in the postgame about that comeback and look who just couldn’t help himself from being a fucking distraction.

Enough is enough with this guy.

Big T blogged it earlier in the week, but Mahomes united the country in their hatred of him.

And now that we’re a united country once again, I propose we band together to force the Mahomes family onto the Maury Povich show for one of those Father Tests.

Giphy Images.

Because I am willing to bet my life on the fact that this suave, smooth, mother fucker Pat Mahomes sr. is in no way responsible for cursing the world with Jackson.

Seriously? How can those two be related? 

P.s.- here’s his greatest hits