Megan Fox Has Apparently Dumped Machine Gun Kelly, Unfollowed Him On Instagram, And Now Only Follows Eminem, Timothee Chalamet and Harry Styles

WOWWWWW. I won't say "no one ever saw this coming" because it seems pretty inevitable that one day, actual adult Megan Fox would eventually grow sick of MGK's bullshit. What that bullshit exactly is, we aren't totally sure. All I know for sure is that she's living out my dream of setting a bunch of his shit on fire. We can assume MGK fucked up based on 3 things:

1. Megan is captioning her instagram with lyrics from Beyonce's Lemonade, arguably the greatest scorned woman album anthem in the world (yes even more than Taylor Swift.) The lyrics in question are from the opening track "Pray You Catch Me" which translates to "I know what the fuck you are doing, and you're about to find that out." 

2. She deleted every single picture of him, and of the both of them from her instagram.

3. She now only follows certified hotties Timothee Chalamet and Harry Styles, along with the #KILLSHOT of following MGK's biggest rival, Eminem.

I'm thrilled by this. Megan is about to spill the fucking beans on this man and I'll be honest, I was a bandwagon fan. I went to one of his concerts once, I can sing along with a few of the songs without being able to tell you what they are called, and he was tall and emaciated looking so obviously I thought he was hot. In reality, I was in it for Megan. She ran the show that I wanted to watch, and now without the child that has been holding her down? She can really soar.

There are some ALLEGED rumors about abuse floating around, obviously we know nothing about this, but I should mention that things have been bizarre for the past week or so. Megan has been posting about a concussion and a broken wrist, but still attending the Grammys despite these fresh injuries. She also posted a really sweet and encouraging post when MGK didn't win anything. I'm not even positive he was nominated which makes me think he was probably sulking and pouting a lot over it. 

LOTS TO THINK ABOUT!!!!! Wow. Megan Fox, this might be my opportunity to slide in. I've already commented on her IG so I'll let you guys know if I'm headed out with her. We can do witchcraft together and drink blood and fuck on tables, too.