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The Refs From Yesterday's Duke-Virginia Game Flat-Out Admitted They Missed The Foul As Time Expired That Would Have Won It For Duke

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

I hate when refs do this. They can just admit they fucked up and cost Duke the game, but also face zero consequences. On the flip side Duke gets fucked with their tournament chances/seeding. Don't worry I looked up these refs and of course Doug Sirmons happens to be from Virginia. I wonder what team he likes to root for in college basketball! 

How do you go look at that on the monitor and still get it wrong? You have to be an absolute dummy if you thought it came after zero seconds. There are clear angles to show time had not expired before contact was made. What does this statement do for me? They should never be able to ref a Duke game again and Duke should get the win. If Virginia had any morals they would give Duke the win because this is bad karma to get a W like that. It's dirty. You don't want this hanging over you in March. But no they'll keep the win, improve their record, and the refs meanwhile will continue on their merry way. They put out this little statement and then go hide from the scrutiny. Make refs do press conferences after shit like this. When players and coaches fuck up you have to hear from them. The refs get paid, they should have to answer for their crimes.