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Justin Tafa Blows The Roof Off The Arena With A Huge First Round KO At UFC 284

BOOOOM! Tafa hit Parker Porter with that McGregor-Aldo hook and walked it off!

Just an incredibly timed punch (and follow-up) from Justin Tafa right there; beautiful knockout, monstrous pop, and an easy day at the office for the New Zealand-born heavyweight. Granted - Parker Porter isn't exactly Cyril Gane in there or anything, but he's a veteran of the sport and a respectable win for Tafa, who now moves to 3-3 in the UFC.

I just absolutely love this Australian crowd and how behind their fighters they are. All night they've been going berserk for not only the hometown walkouts and introductions, but for each and every strike, sweep, takedown, position change, and really anything going their fighters' way. It's beautiful!


Jack rocked him, Brown kinda tossed himself onto his head in his daze, and then Jack hopped right onto his back for the submission! Talk about blowing the roof off the arena; holy shit this crowd is going crazy right now!

Brown looked good before he got clipped, but after this - I think it's time to give Jack Della Maddalena a Top 15 fight at Welterweight. Dude is now 4-0 in the UFC and is currently on a 14-fight win streak as a pro. He's an amazing prospect in the company right now - ESPECIALLY for Australia! Like Michael Bisping said in his post-fight, he could headline a fight night over there in a few months!

Anyway - it's been a great card so far! Yair vs Emmett is up next! Should be an awesome final two fights.

P.S. Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is in attendance tonight….

….and Jens Pulver is (FINALLY) getting inducted to the UFC Hall of Fame!