Awesome: Will Ferrell Showed Up At A Bar In Wales To Drink Beer With A Bunch Of Wrexham Fans Before Today's Match

This is legit cool. I know it's not shocking to see big names at Wrexham games anymore. Helps when you're owned by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. Decent names. But Will Ferrell showing up at a random supporters bar to have a couple beers and shoot the shit? Awesome. Imagine being a fan just sitting there and al of a sudden the guy from Step Brothers shows up. Remember we're talking about Wales here, not LA or anything like that. 

What I need to know is if Ferrell picked up the tab. Part of me would laugh if he had people buying him drinks. Feels like it's always expected the super rich guy buys, but you at least gotta hang out until he's ready to go. I'd also love to know what the conversation is like between that Wrexham fan and Ferrell. Feel like diehard fans of a club like Wrexham would quiz him on some players and stuff. 

Oh and don't look now but Wrexham is in good shape to be promoted into a real league. 

Just 3 points back with 2 matches in hand. Not a bad spot to be at all. Love the move to show up to the bar though. Anyone can go to the game. Showing up to a bar and having a drink with the regular people of Wales? Great move.