'It's A Complete Shit Show Over There' - NMSU Hoops Suspends Its Season After A Catfishing, A Player-Involved Shooting And Now Hazing Allegations

Alright, I didn't think I'd have multiple blogs about New Mexico State basketball unless they did what they did last season. You know beat UConn in the NCAA Tournament and push Arkansas in the round of 32. Then Chris Jans left for Mississippi State and this program became one of the wildest stories in college basketball. Not like the piece of shit Dave Bliss at Baylor, but one of the crazier ones for sure.

I blogged about some of it earlier this year: 

Now they are straight up suspending its season. Today's game is canceled and we don't know what's going on in the future. Why? Just go ahead and add hazing allegations to the list of everything that has gone wrong with this program: 

Yeah that sums it up pretty well. Remember this is one of the typically better mid-major teams in the country. They always compete in the WAC, won a game last year, usually bring in high-major transfers. Now they are a shit show. You have a player involved shooting, a catfishing, a fight with a rival. Shit even the cops chased team bus down the highway. Yet here we are after all of that and decide to suspend its season. 

Just one of the weirdest off the court seasons in a long time. We'll see what comes about with these hazing allegations. But if the police is involved, tends to be pretty serious.