Rone Makes Addresses The Cheating Allegations From The Dozen

There was an allegation that Rone cheated in last night's Dozen and helped me get an answer in the bonus round. 

While I certainly won't deny he was talking, cheating would mean he knew the answer and I took that info. I was pretty clear that I chose the #28 for Leonard Fournette who wore that number during the Bucs last Super Bowl run. 

I still say that is not the case, but Rone admitted what he did was against the rules and sought atonement on today's Yak.

He needed to be fully baptized to be healed in the minds of The Dozen's great fans.

Catch today's full Yak and be sure to check us out this Sunday for the big game as we'll be streaming from the Barstool bar in Scottsdale.